Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Counting Down

Hey folks... a quick one here to point out a new feature on the blog.

If you look to the right of the page, you should see my "Days to Disney World" countdown clock. It's pretty awesome. That's how many days until I smell the sweet, sweet air of Walt Disney World.

Starting at 30 days out, I'll be posting a special blog entry every day, harkening back to my old Xanga blog where I did a "35 Days to Disney" extravaganza of blog posts where I listed 1 of my favorite things about Disney each day for 35 days prior to one of my trips. I've been 4 times since then, and experienced a lot of new things. Because of that, I've decided to do it again. I'm going to do everything I can to not refer back to the previous list, and then when I'm done, I'll compare.

You've got a little time before you have to endure it, but this is your warning. I'll still blog about other stuff (like football and things that annoy me, that probable venn cross-section, the Cincinnati Bengals.)

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