Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Biz

Here are all of the posts that I'm working on/planning/thinking about.

I know I normally don't do this, but I need to help remind myself as much as entice you.

- Disney Movie Review # 2 (Pinnochio). The Tofu Muchacha won't watch this one with me, because we tried watching it last year right after I got it on BluRay and she couldn't get through it. Of course, the fact that it was after 10pm when we started and her feet were turning back into pumpkin vines and her skin was becoming a familiar orange color may have had something to do with it.

- A brief rundown of the movies from my "2010" list (over to the right). Sort of as a summary of why they stand where they stand, and also as a chance to really re-evaluate where I'd place them. For the most part, my method has worked surprisingly well, and has stayed true to form.

- A deeper discussion of the movie "Inception". Maybe not the best movie I've seen this year, but certainly among the most thought provoking. This may also finally be my chance to discuss Hot Tub Time Machine in an organized way.

- A review of Victor Gischler's book "Vampires A G0-Go". I should be done with it shortly. I do really like his books.

- A recap of the creativity event the TM and I are attending in Michigan this coming weekend. I'm really looking forward to this, if just to spend some time in Three Oaks, Michigan, but not just that... The event sounds really sweet.

- I'm debating whether or not to discuss LeBron James. Here are the cons: 1) It's been discussed a lot already. 2) I never get any comments on my sports blogs, which leads me to believe what readers I DO have aren't really sports fans. Do any of you have any thoughts?

Oh.. and lastly a question for you all to answer in the comments...

If I were to drive cross country from Seattle to Cincinnati, what route would you take, and why? Let's say I have 9 days.


iminozz said...

Vampires a Go-Go- let me get that from the library and check it out.

Sabrina said...

Whatever route takes you and the TM through Longview to see her neice and nephew. Oh, and I love your Disney movie reviews and Pinnochio.