Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Quiz... Because I'm Lazy

Hey Folks-

It's been a while, due to my completely insane performance schedule (those little blue pills have been working overtime, let me tell you.) And I still have very little to say, so I've decided to do one of those quizzes that people put up on these interwebs and whatnot. It's being billed as a "mature" quiz. Not because it's about nudie mags or something, but because it was written by an adult as opposed to some high school kid with no spell-checker.

Here we go...

1)What bill do I hate paying the most?
That's easily my car payment. I hate paying my car payment more than I hate most anything. It's too much. It's endless. I have a sinking feeling that by the time I'm done making these payments that my car will be useless. I want to punch my car payment in the fucking face.

2) Where was the last place I had a romantic dinner?
On Valentine's Day I ate at Marrakesh at Walt Disney World. That was pretty cool.

3) What do I really want to be doing right now?
Playing Call of Duty. (And here you thought that a mature quiz would involve me acting my age... bah!)

4) How many colleges did I attend?
Two (Wright State and Thomas More), unless you count Hondros College where I got my real estate license. In which case... Three.

5) Why did I choose the shirt that I have on right now?
Well... I like black. It's a little cold outside, so I thought I should go with a sweater (even though I'm also wearing shorts.)

6) What are my thoughts on gas prices?
Haven't we talked about this shit enough? Those are my thoughts.

7) What was my first thought when the alarm went off this morning?
"Is my phone ringing, or is that the alarm? Oh... the alarm. Damnit."

8) What was my last thought before I went to bed last night?
"Tomorrow's gonna be a long day"

9) Do I miss being a child?
Yeah, for sure. The coolest thing about being a kid is that you have nothing to do. I mean... when I was a kid I felt like I was busy, but I didn't know what busy meant until now. I like the notion of being done with my responsibilities at 3 every day. I like the notion of having full weekends free. I like not having to pay for anything. Life was awesome.

10) What errand or chore to I despise?
I hate going to the post office. I feel like it always take forever, and the post office people scare me.

11) Get up early or sleep in?
Wow...isn't this a much more mature survey than the usual ones? Next they'll ask me if I like Coke or Pepsi.
Also, I obviously like sleeping.

12) Have I found real love yet?
I think if I had, I wouldn't blog so much. Or do so much theatre. Or... You get the idea.

13) Favorite lunch meat?
I've always been fond of Roast Beef, but I can't have much of it anymore.

14) What do I get every time I go into Target?
Hives? Swine Flu? An icky feeling? I dunno.

15) Beach or Lake?
Lake, but again...seriously with these questions? How are they better. This survey roped me in with it's promises of maturity and depth and here I am answering questions about the beach.

16) Do I think marriage is an out-dated ritual?
I don't think that at all, but I do think that people take it far too lightly. I'm all for anyone being legally allowed to get married, but I think 2/3rds of the people who do get married, should reconsider or wait.

17) Sopranos or Desperate Housewives?
Isn't this question like "Would you rather have a million dollars or herpes?". I mean... Wouldn't a better question be "Sopranos or Six Feet Under" or "Sopranos or West Wing" or "Sopranos or The Wire". Or even "Desperate Housewives or getting your period" or "Desperate Housewives or a spinal tap". Um yeah... Sopranos.

18)What famous person would I like to have dinner with?
Walt Disney. That was the easiest one so far.

19) Have I ever crashed my vehicle?
Well... I've been in a crash, but it wasn't my fault, so I'm not going to say that I've crashed my vehicle. I was driving while someone else crashed it.

20)Ever had to use a fire extinguisher for it's intended purpose?

21) Ring Tone?
I have the "Classic Ringer" tone.

22) Strangest Place I've ever brushed my teeth?
I honestly have no idea? My car?

23) Somewhere in California I've never been, but would like to go?
Clearly the answer is Disneyland

24)Do I go to church?
Not often.

25)At this point in my life, would I rather start a new career, or a new relationship?
I'm gonna go with relationship, though I am always open to career things. I'd be unlikely to leave the friendly confines of my current employer, but if I could go work for Disney, I'd be gone today.

26) How old am I?
Twenty Nine. What the fuck, survey? What a waste of a question.

27) Do I have a go-to person?
Yeah..a couple.

28) Am I where I want to be in life?
I dunno. I'm happy with what I'm doing for the most part.

29) Growing up, what were my favorite cartoons?
Ducktales, He-Man, and... yeah...those two.

30) What about myself has changed the most?
I guess it depends on from when you mean, survey, but I think that for the most part I've just sort of grown into the person I want to be. The clay is hardening a bit, if that makes sense. (Out of the gutter!)

31) Looking back on High School, were they the best years of my life?
God no. I liked my Senior year... it was awesome, but aside from that, I was a train wreck. On the other hand, I liked almost all of College. And there've been years after that that've been pretty solid. High school is vastly overrated.

32) Are there times I still feel like a kid?
I think a better question is "Are there times I feel like an adult. That would be a shorter list."

33) Did I ever own Troll Dolls?
I did not. And I think their bare asses are weird.

34) Did I have a pager?

35) Where was the hangout spot when I was a teenager?
I guess we went to Sitwells a lot. Coffee shop in Clifton. Aside from that, Paul Bohart's TV room.

36) Was I the type of kid would want my kids hanging out with?
Absolutely... I was way, WAAAAYYY too much of a pussy to get into too much trouble. Maybe I'd have tried to shoplift a Playboy or two. That's about the extent of it.

37) Who do I think impacted my life the most?
Probably my parents/step parents/step siblings. I think a lot of those relationships have molded me more than anything.

38) Was there a teacher or authority figure who stood out?
Dr. Ron Mielech. The dude is a genius and one of the nicest guys ever.

39) Do I tell stories that begin with "When I was your age..."?
No. I can't say that I do. I try to avoid it actually.

40) Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
I guess so. That's a tough one. Like... on the one hand, love is great. But if you've never loved, you don't really know what you're missing. Also there's a lot less of the pain of losing the love... Ill go with yes.

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