Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football Time

Hey Folks-

Football picks time.

Last week I went...11 and 5. Not a bad way to start.

I have a plan to write a Bengals blog about what happened last weekend with the Broncos, so I'll leave those thoughts for then. I've had a breakthrough.

Here we go...

Patriots over Jets - I love how everyone is so worried about the Pats all of a sudden. I mean... Tom Brady can't have a little rust? Well, I'm not buying.

Saints over Eagles - My favorite team killed it last week. Drew Brees is a man.

Redskins over Rams - The reason I told you to not ask me why I liked the Rams as the sleeper team this year is because I was, for some reason on crack.

Jaguars over Cardinals - I've been reading about how the Cardinals can't win East of the Mississippi. I guess I'll go with that this once... but for the record, I'm on the fence.

Falcons over Panthers - Okay... so Delhomme I like, and there won't be another egg laid like last week, but Matt Ryan and the Falcons are too good.

Vikings over Lions - Favre pisses me off. The Wrangler jeans commercials have convinced me to never buy them. Thanks Brett.

Packers over Bengals - I can't talk about it.

Titans over Texans - Andre Johnson huh? We'll see I guess.

Raiders over Chiefs - The Raiders are intriguing. I wonder if there's a precedent for a team being so insanely run that they happen upon being good.... The New York Mets?

Bills over Bucs - I dunno.

Niners over Seahawks - Yeah... I flipped a coin on this one.

Ravens over Chargers - I used to be able to rely on the Ravens having a terrible offense. It was comforting. Flacco ruins that.

Bears over Steelers - Maybe I'm just hoping.

Broncos over Browns - The Broncos are not a team of destiny. Don't let the miracle play fool you. That was all about the Bengals.

Cowboys over Giants - I'm with Bill Simmons on this one. I absolutely CAN NOT wait for the giant screen to get hit over and over.

Colts over Dolphins - I have nothing to say about this one.

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