Wednesday, September 30, 2009

19 Days to Disney: I'm Siiiiiiingin' in the Rain

In keeping with the theme from yesterday of "getting wet", I'd like to talk today about one of the great marketing ploys ever...

Ponchos at Disney World.

Well... It's not really a marketing ploy exactly. In fact, many less capitalism-minded people out there will say that it's basically extortion, and they're probably right sort of. I'm just of the opinion that Disney is providing people the luxury of choice...

Wait... I should go back a bit...

Disney allows you to bring Umbrellas into the parks. The thing is... the weather in Florida is so unpredictable that often in the morning when you're heading for the park, there's no way to tell if it will rain or not, and let's be you really want to be carrying that umbrella all day in the sunshine of a cloudless Lake Buena Vista day? No. So you venture out without your rain gear.

Have no fear, however... Disney is generous enough to sell re-usable rain ponchos at every corner of every park. They must make millions of them.

So why is this extortion? Well... for one, these bad boys are expensive for glorified garbage bags, that's true. I believe they were 8 to 10 dollars last time I was there. Of course, the choice they give you is simple. Pay 10 bucks to stay dry, or get wet. You know...or bring that umbrella that you so inconveniently left in your hotel room. Mwah ha ha.

I, personally, think the argument against Disney here is slim. You can buy them and re-use them. They're not flimsy. You can always bring your own. Disney is simply capitalizing from the predictable laziness of the masses (including me more than once).

The best part of this though, and the reason I am blogging about it at all, is that it's a beautiful sight to behold when it rains at Disney World, because there appears a sea of yellow. It's one of those weird miracles of synergy when all of the different colors everyone wore to the park that day get overwhelmed by a veritable ocean of yellow Mickey Mouse ponchos.

It's like a school of fish. It has an odd, moist beauty about it. Also, as a completely unapologetic Disney fan, and a fan of Disney making money and staying flush with cash to provide us more entertainment in the future... I am okay with them taking advantage of a little unpredictable Florida rain on occasion. I may buy one when I'm down there just to ride Kali River Rapids. I'm serious.

And now... The Disney Trivia Question of the Day

Question: What Magic Kingdom attraction was the first to be run by computer?

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