Thursday, October 1, 2009

18 Days to Disney: A Veritable Melting Pot

Remember how all of those rich friends of yours "backpacked" through Europe after they graduated college? Neither do I, but it happens in the movies all the time. Actually... come to think of it, it rarely actually happens in the movies either. They talk about doing it. They plan to do it. Then something goes terribly wrong and they don't get to go, thus commencing the life lessons.

I seem to have digressed... Ah yes...

Well Disney has a thing where you don't even have to leave the safe, friendly confines of the good ol' U S of A in order to meet and interact with people from all kinds of different countries and cultures. You just need to go to Epcot and the World Showcase!

Think of all of the cool things you can do..

Buy an authentic kimono (you can tell because the tag is in Japanese and is sold to you by an actual Japanese person) in Japan!

Hit on a hot Scandinavian chick in Norway!

Fantasize about punching a mime in France!

Enjoy some bangers and mash (whatever the fuck that is) in England!

Walk as quickly as possible through Canada!

Best of all.... get your picture taken with REAL Beefy Muchachos in May-hee-co:

I love the World Showcase! I love exclamation points!

Sure...sure...I've heard plenty of criticisms of the World Showcase as a sort of Xenophobic version of these countries where everything is flowery and bright and full of Disneyfication, but to them I say 2 things:

1) If you want to teach your children about the culture of a specific country and get more in depth than "In Morocco they eat couscous" then maybe you should take them to fucking Morocco and not Disney World.

2) Would you prefer the French people spat on you for being a dirty, plebian American? Would you prefer some Death Metal thug stabbed you in a back alley in Germany? Would you Prefer your camera was confiscated and destroyed after taking one too many pictures in China?

I didn't think so.

Disney is about entertainment, and about the positive aspects. I can't think of anything more positive than providing these cultures a venue to show like...their 5 favorite things about themselves, and I love it.

In fact, the only one that I find insulting is "The American Experience" and only because I don't think it should be there at all. I mean... isn't Disney World in general the "American Experience".

And now... The Disney Trivia Question of the Day

Question: What is vomit called at Disney World?

If you think you know, please send an e-mail to

Everyone with the correct answer will receive a point. An incorrect answer gets 1/2 a point. The person with the most points will get a Limted Edition Pin purchased during my stay.

Standings are being updated daily at on the "Contests" page.

I'll repost the questions with the answers at the end of the contest.

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