Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick Baseball Picks

Man... 3 blogs in a day. I'm Cuh-razy.

Just a quick one to get my baseball playoff picks on record (you know... to be mocked accordingly).

National League:

Philles Vs. Rockies
PICK: Phillies in 4. I like the Phillies a lot, and in a short series their pitching is just too strong. I'm not going to count out the Rockies, who have officially made the playoffs 3 times more than the Reds since they came into existence, but I think the Phillies are to tough.

Cardinals Vs. Dodgers
PICK: Dodgers in 5. The Cardinals are probably the better team, and neither was exactly tearing it up down the stretch, but Manny still makes a difference, and the Dodgers have the home field advantage.

Phillies Vs. Dodgers
PICK: Phillies in 7. I think this series has great potential, but really this is just a guess on my part. The Phillies have the parts and the experience. The Dodgers have Manny and an absolutely murderous bullpen.

American League

Yankees vs. Twins
PICK: Yankees in 3. Hate to say it, but I saw the head to heads for this season. A Twins in will be their first against the Yankees this season, and without Morneau (even though they're now 17-4 since he went down) I don't see the Twins making it that close.

Red Sox vs. Angels
PICK: Angels in 5. The Sox weren't exactly inspiring down the stretch. The Angels have the whole "We have something to play for" angle.

Yankees vs. Angels
PICK: Yankees in 6. The Angels put up a good fight, but with the deciding games being played in the Bronx... Looks like A-Rod makes his first World Series.

World Series:

Yankees vs. Phillies
PICK: Phillies in 6. A potentially great series, but I have to believe that the Baseball Gods hate A-Rod just enough to keep a ring off his finger. This is my only analysis.

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