Monday, October 19, 2009

We Have a Winnah! Disney Trivia Final

At the time of this posting, I'm likely to be enjoying my first sights of Disney on my trip. I'll be at the Magic Kingdom first, so please enjoy this totally amazing video a friend sent to me:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that shit is amazing. This was a video done by Disney to celebrate the Magic Kingdom's birthday (on October 1st).

The real business of today is to announce the winner of my trivia contest. For each day of my countdown, I tossed out a trivia question. I asked my readers to e-mail me answers if they knew them, and I had a pretty good turnout overall. The final tally will be available on my website on the Contests Page.

I'm proud to announce my cousin, Abbey, as the winner. With 3 days left, she had more points than anyone else could possibly gain based on her number of correct answers.

She has requested a pin with a "Goofy" theme, and it will now be my mission to find this pin. I have no idea if there will be one of those, but you can bet I'll search. She's pictured above as a kid wearing her Goofy Hat and hanging out with the dog himself.

Here are the answers to the 31 Disney Trivia questions I've set forth over the last month.

30 Days: (Magic of Disney)
QUESTION: What was the price of 1 Adult Admission ticket at the time of Walt Disney World's Grand Opening in October 1971.
ANSWER: $3.50. That was only for park admission only. Rides were more.

29 Days: (Music in the Parks)
QUESTION: Why is the height of many buildings inside the parks at Disney World only 199 ft high?
ANSWER: In Florida, any structure 200 ft or higher requires a red light on top for overflying aircraft. Disney avoids this whenever possible due to aesthetic reasons.

28 Days: (Turkey Legs)
Question: Approximately how many of these Giant Turkey Legs are eaten every year at Walt Disney World?
ANSWER: 1.4 Million of those fuckers.

27 Days : (Carousel of Progress)
Question: The Earful Tower, Hollywood Studios water tower landmark wears a Mickey Ears Hat. What's the Hat Size?
ANSWER: 342 3/4ths

26 Days: (Spaceship Earth)
Question: The Fountain at Innoventions Plaza in Epcot can shoot water 150 ft in the air (only 30 feet lower than the top of Spaceship Earth. If all of the water cannons were fired at once, how much water would be in the air?
ANSWER: 2000 Gallons at once!

25 Days: (The Views)
Question: How many stones and bricks were used in the Building of Cinderella's Castle?
ANSWER: NONE. They used almost all fiberglass over concrete framing to simulate the look of concrete.

24 Days: (The Great Movie Ride)
Question: Walt Disney World houses the World's largest sand-bottom pool at 750,000 gallons of water. Where is it, and what is it called?
ANSWER: Stormalong Bay at The Beach Club Resort

23 Days: (Customer Service)
Question: On average, how many pairs of Sunglasses are turned into the Lost and Found every day at Walt Disney World?
ANSWER: 210 Pairs. (I have no idea why they keep this statistic.)

22 Days: (Costumed Characters)
Question: What is the name of the singing, animated parrot over the entrance of Pirates of the Caribbean?
ANSWER: Peglegged Pete

21 Days: (American Idol Experience)
Question: Fantasmic Theater at Hollywood Studios seats how many guests?
ANSWER: 6900 Guests.

20 Days: (Splash Mountain)
Question: How tall is the Summit Plummet Water Slide at Blizzard Beach?
ANSWER: 120 ft, or 12 stories.

19 Days: (Ponchos)
Question: What Magic Kingdom attraction was the first to be run by computer?
ANSWER: Space Mountain

18 Days: (World Showcase)
Question: What is vomit called at Disney World?
ANSWER: Protein Spill

17 Days: (It's Tough to be a Bug)
Question: How many triangles make up the Geodesic sphere that is Spaceship Earth?
ANSWER: 11,324

16 Days: (Celebrity Guests)
Question: Who plays Dr. Grant Seeker on Dinosaur!?
ANSWER: Wallace Langham

15 Days: (Kids Falling Down)
Question: In Spaceship Earth, the character in the "Greek Play" scene is delivering lines from what play?
ANSWER: Oedipus Rex

14 Days: (Big Thunder Mountain)
Question: Name the 5 Mountains of Walt Disney World, and place them in order according to height, tallest to shortest.
ANSWER: Forbidden Mountain (Expedition Everest), Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Mt. Gushmore, and Splash Mountain

13 Days: (Tomorrowland Transit Authority)
Question: What is the name of the robotic lounge singer in Tomorrowland's Cosmic Rays restaurant?
ANSWER: Sonny Eclipse

12 Days: (Holidays at Disney)
Question: In order to play Sulley from Monsters Inc. in the parks, what is the height range a person must fall within?
ANSWER: 6'2" to 6'4"

11 Days: (it's a small world)
Question: Only one nations name is actually spelled out in "it's a small world". What country is it?
ANSWER: "MEXICO". It's on a sombrero on the right. Seriously.

10 Days: (The Rainforest Cafe)
Question: The gift shop at the exit of Star Tours is currently called ____?
ANSWER: Tatooine Traders

9 Days: (Monsters Inc Laugh Floor)
Question: What is the highest rank you can attain on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin?
ANSWER: Galactic Hero

8 Days: (Mickey's Philharmagic)
Question: What is Donald's Boat in Toontown called?
ANSWER: The Miss Daisy

7 Days: (Expedition Everest)
Question: What is the name of the mountain you're riding on in Expedition Everest?
ANSWER: The Forbidden Mountain

6 Days pt 1: (Kilimanjaro Safari)
Question: Approximately how many branches does the Tree of Life have (I'll accept a round number)
ANSWER: 8000 is the general answer I would have accepted. My cousin Abbey got crazy specific on it though.

6 Days pt 2: (Haunted Mansion)
Question: Who is the voice of the "Ghost Host" in the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World?
ANSWER: Paul Frees

5 Days: (Journey Into Imagination)
Question: What company has sponsored Journey Into Imagination since it's inception?
ANSWER: Kodak. They've actually sponsored the entire pavilion.

4 Days: (Hidden Mickeys)
Question: What other character's face is viewable by satellite image of Hollywood Studios?
ANSWER: Pluto's face is visible in the courtyard area outside the main entrance.

3 Days: (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Question: Of the 126 Animatronic Figures in Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World, how many are pirates?
ANSWER: There are 69 Animatronic pirates on the ride.

2 Days: (Pin Trading)
Question: What is the name of the Sea Serpent made of legos in Downtown Disney?
ANSWER: Brickley

1 Day: (Soarin')
Question: How many different scents can you sniff (aside from the ones made by your co-riders) as you ride Soarin' and what are they?
ANSWER: 4. (Orange blossoms, Sagebrush, Ocean, and evergreen)

Thank you all for participating.


Abbey said...

Gosh Darn, aren't I cute? Hahahaha...I wonder if I still have that sweater?

briana said...

That video is saweet. And're freaking adroable! hahaha I love it.