Monday, October 12, 2009

7 Days to Disney: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I've mentioned several times how big of a pansy I am.

It takes a pretty effing sweet roller coaster, and likely the Disney tag attached to get me to ride anything more intense than something like Big Thunder... Well, there are 2 roller coasters that actual roller coaster people seem to like that I also like and am not terrified to ride.

One of them is the Rock n' Roller Coaster at the Studios. The other makes it on to the countdown here, a week before the trip.

Expedition Everest.

That fucking ride is spectacular. I'll admit that it terrifies me every time, but it doesn't matter. Last time I was there it was the only ride at The Animal Kingdom I rode twice (that single rider line is effing fantastic.) I like every facet of it. Lemme break it down for ya.

The Theme: I mean... they spared no expense at all. It's pretty incredible down to every tiny detail. There's a courtyard in the queue area that looks JUST like a Buddhist shrine. There are those coins and the statues and all kinds of crazy things. Emmm... Not that Buddhism is crazy... moving on. The visual magnitude of the ride is incredible. The mountain is amazing looking. The ride cars are cool. The music is neat. I love it. They won me over. Getting a self-professed Roller Coaster Pussy to throw caution to the wind just out of the curiosity of seeing what all they did with the theme...that's tough to do.

The Technology: The Yeti, I believe, is still the largest and most advanced animatronic figure in the world. That's pretty much all I need to say. But also the ride seamlessly goes both backward and forward. There are sweet projections. It's amazing.

The Ride Itself: The ride itself is incredibly smooth and fun. The hill is the only thing that really psyches me out about coasters, but they really mask the intimidatingness by adding those themed elements. The big drop comes out of nowhere and isn't really projected beforehand, so there's no time to get worked up. It's awesome.

There's nothing else for me to say. If i actually liked coasters, this is easily in my Top 5, but it's not, because I don't. Can you tell?

Oh... small side note... You're not actually on Mt. Everest on the ride, despite the name and the misconception... See the trivia question for more details.

And now... The Disney Trivia Question of the Day

Question: What is the name of the mountain you're riding on in Expedition Everest?

If you think you know, please send an e-mail to

Everyone with the correct answer will receive a point. An incorrect answer gets 1/2 a point. The person with the most points will get a Limted Edition Pin purchased during my stay.

Standings are being updated daily at on the "Contests" page.

I'll repost the questions with the answers at the end of the contest.

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