Saturday, October 3, 2009

16 Days to Disney: I've Seen that Face Before

I love that Disney gets celebrities to act as inhabitants of their alternate universes where their attractions reside.

Patrick Warburton, the actor who brought us David Puddy, is Patrick the Chief Flight Attendant on Soarin'

Eric Idle is Dr. Nigel Channing at Journey Into Imagination

John Michael Higgins runs the testing center on Test Track.

There are so many more too! I just love that Disney has convinced all kinds of celebrities to offer their talents to enhancing the thematic immersion of each of these attractions. Sure... they could just put us in front of a big screen and we'd be impressed by the flight simulation, but Soarin has a story.

Really, that's my point here... Disney's never just content to present the ride or attraction as it is... They always provide a story. An enhancement. And one of my favorite ways is to give us a friendly face like Rick Moranis (reprising his role of Wayne Zalinski) to usher us through the attraction and get that tiny bit more out of it.

I'm sure that Ellen's Energy Adventure would be interesting enough if we had some random person in Ellen's place, but because it's Ellen, we're enjoying it on more than one level.

They even nicely balance out the times when the celeb is playing a different character, or when they're just playing themselves. Ellen is funny because she's Ellen. Patrick Warburton is funny because hes playing a flight attendant.

Anyway, I like it! And it's Saturday and I don't much feel like writing any more today. So there.

And now... The Disney Trivia Question of the Day

Question: Who plays Dr. Grant Seeker on Dinosaur!?

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