Friday, September 18, 2009

Viva El Beefy Muchacho!!

Hey Folks-

I have a lot of blogging to do in the upcoming weeks, so I wasn't planning on blogging much before the Countdown to Disney blogs start up on Monday. Was just gonna lay looowwwww.

Little did I know that something wonderful would happen today...

My buddy Tony "The Awesomest Dude Ever" Doench is an incredible artist, and I'd asked him a while back for a Beefy Muchacho logo for the blog and the site and for my general Beefy Muchacho needs... Well...the guy came through with something amazing. Something so fantastic, that I had to put it up right away.

So... without further ado... I give you the new Standard. The "Coat of Arms" if you will...

The Beefy Muchacho!! Pretty effing awesome, no?

So anyway, now that I have A Muchacho of my own, I shall be working to re-vamp the blog layout (some people hate the white on black) and the website and everything.

Mostly, though, for the moment, I just want to thank Tony for doing such an amazing job. I couldn't be happier.

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