Sunday, September 20, 2009

30 Days to Disney. The Magic of Disney

Hey Folks-

In 30 days I'm going home. The Happiest Place on Earth. Walt Disney World.

It's going to be the greatest. I'm so excited, I've decided to make the next month, a full-on celebration of all things I love about Disney. Well... not all of the things...that would be impossible.

For the next 30 days, I will post a blog every day to discuss one of the things I most love about Walt Disney World, ending with the final 5 days being my Top 5 Favorite things.

I did this once before, in November and December of 2005, leading up to my December of 05 trip. It was pretty fun. I'm curious to see how different my 30 items are, as I've decided to not refer back until after I'm done. There are certain to be some differences, as there are new things I've experienced in my last 4 visits that weren't there then, or that I'd never tried before. I'll be sure to mention those things as they come up.

Lastly, to make things interesting, I've decided to hold a daily trivia contest, with the aggregate winner getting a Limited Edition Disney Lapel Pin (as yet unpurhased). The first question comes at the bottom of this entry. we go...Tofu Muchacha has said something a few times that really resonates with me... she's talked about how she's looking forward to going, because it's going to be a time where she doesn't have to worry about anything. She can just have fun. Without knowing it, she's hit upon the absolute key to Disney World... The Freedom from Worry.. The Freedom from responsibility. The freedom to do anything or nothing. The Freedom to be a kid.

Walt Disney World is the only place (aside from Vegas in it's own, drunken way) where adults can walk around with giant mouse ears on, and not only would they not get a sideways glance, but they'd likely be high-fived by another adult with a similar mouse eared hat. It's a place where adults ask for autographs from life-sized characters from their youth, and wait in line behind 8 year olds to get their picture taken with Captain Hook, or to get a hug from Baloo.

People who've never been before may not really truly understand. You don't expect yourself to be that way. You think... "Well... I'll check it out. I'll ride some big deal."

Then you get there and something comes over you, and your thoughts transform, and your cynicism falls away, and before you know it, you've got 1000 Lapel Pins and you're scouring ebay for me, and you're day dreaming about your next visit before you've even returned home. There's no other place in the world that I can think of that has the same pull. There's a residual magic there. It's the Disney Magic.

Over the course of the next month, I'll refer a lot to the Disney Magic, or the "Disney way". This is so, so important to my lifelong love of Disney World. That's why I made this the first blog. The Magic of Disney is what separates us Disneyphiles with just regular kooks. It's what MAKES us Disneyphiles in the first place. The attention to detail. That wink and nod to the 29 year old guy saying that it's okay to be goofy. or...Goofy
And now... The Disney Trivia Question of the Day:

QUESTION: What was the price of 1 Adult Admission ticket at the time of Walt Disney World's Grand Opening in October 1971.

If you think you know, please send an e-mail to

Everyone with the correct answer will receive a point. An incorrect answer gets 1/2 a point. The person with the most points will get a Limited Edition pin purchased during my stay.

Standings will be posted on the "Contests" page of


djphob said...

Yes, I have been trying to explain this to Wes regarding our trip for quite a while. I told him to pack his Mickey shirt from Disneyland and he goes, "I am not wearing my Mickey shirt IN DISNEY." And I said, "Well, then, just pack it. Because trust me, once you're there, you're going to want to wear it."

Beefy Muchacho said...

Totally. I don't think I'd wear my Dopey wind breaker out on the street here, but I get actual high-fives when I wear it down there. It's pretty cool.