Friday, September 12, 2008

Disney Blogs Past

Once upon a time, in a long blog ago, I did a 35 day countdown to a trip I was taking to Walt Disney World. This became one of the more ridiculous excursions I've made down the blog tunnel, and I feel the need to share the links with you.

The premise was that I was posting one thing per day of things I love about Walt Disney World, in preparation for my triumphant return. Plus, it's a fun way to see my old writing and compare and contrast with the writing of today. Maybe not that much different...I dunno. Oh... this was 2005.
Nov. 10 -- Seeing the Tree of LifeNov. 11 -- Journey into Imagination
Nov. 12 -- Mexico BoatNov. 13 -- Haunted Mansion
Nov. 14 -- Disney MerchandiseNov. 15 -- Costumed Characters
Nov. 16 -- Hidden MickeysNov. 18 -- Rainforest Café
Nov. 19 -- Test TrackNov. 20 -- Japanese Restaurant
Nov. 21 -- Wacky Disney PeopleNov. 22 -- Tea Cups
Nov. 23 -- Space MountainNov. 24 -- Giant Turkey Legs
Nov. 25 -- Sunset Boulevard AreaNov. 26 -- La Nouba

Nov. 27 -- Hall of Presidents

Nov. 28 -- The Weather

Nov. 29 -- Disney Hotels

Nov. 30 -- Adults acting like Kids
Dec. 1 -- Entrance SignDec. 2 -- Spaceship Earth
Dec. 3 -- Downtown DisneyDec. 4 -- Splash Mountain
Dec. 5 – MonorailsDec. 6 – Parades
Dec. 7 – Star ToursDec. 8 – Enchanted Tiki Birds
Dec. 9 – Top 5: The Great Movie RideDec. 10 – Top 5: Kilimanjaro Safaris
Dec. 11 – Top 5: Mickey’s PhilharMagicDec. 12 – Top 5: Pirates of the Caribbean
Dec. 13 – Top 5: Disney Magic…


Andrea said...

Thank you for commenting. It means more than you think to hear someone appreciate what I have to say. I've spend my whole life around tht Navy and had an ex-boyfriend join the Army, a best friend in the Air Force, and a high school friend in the Marines. I have more respect for those men that for anyone else in our government. It's sad that yesterday pissed me off more than anything. People think they can wear red white and blue and say "God Bless America" on 9/11 and they are patriots. Being a patriot is about being involved in the politics, loveing your country, supporting the men and women that fight for it, and trusting our elected officals to make the best decision in their power (even though we all know how offten they make the correct choice.. cough, cough) and believing that this country fought for it's independance, fought to reunite, fought to save our dignity, and fought for our lives. We can make it through this. We have to have a little faith. Dammit. I went off again. It's easy for me to go off on these "I love America" tangents lol.

Gregg Fraley said...

What happened to the Friday theme of flicks?

I liked Sports Thursday picks -- although I think you are way off on da Bears...

Beefy Muchacho said...

The "Themes" don't technically start until next week, though it was a coincidence that my NFL picks went up on a Thursday.

The Friday Flicks Feature starts next week with my discussion of "Modernized Shakespeare" movies.

Next week, we'll have a "Wednesdays with Walt" and a "Friday Flick Time" (and my NFL Picks, a weekly feature throughout the NFL season.)

In fact, a list of the prospective topics for the first of each feature:

Trekkin' Tuesdays (September 23): Coolest "Lesser Known" places I've been.

Wednesdays with Walt (September 17):
The Little Mermaid and the birth of Disney's 2nd Golden Age

Thporths Thurthdayths (September 25):
My Plan for the Reds

Friday Flick Time (September 19): The varied quality and creativity of the "Modernized Shakespeare"

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the first of these 'past' blogs. I read it. I have no comment. I do, however, have something to say about the Oct 2005 post re: Rent.

First, probably my second favorite after Les Mis. I can appreciate that Rent is more globally influential in terms of meaning, theme, and mantras to walk away with. People don't usually walk out of a production of Les Mis with meaning. For me, it's different: "To love another person is to see the face of God." I'm not spiritual and I'm not godly. But when I leave Les Mis I am different. Every time.

Second, Rent for me is also massively special. I am more likely to cry during rent. And I'm so glad I got to see it this May in Colorado Springs because the last time I saw it I was much too young and didn't understand anything. Jonathan Larson was a genious.

Third, I never knew that Grandma gave you your first copy. That's special. I wish that I could know your memories of her in addition to mine. We should spend an afternoon sharing memories. In Disney World.