Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Blog Business.

Hey Folks-

Today I start a new feature here at The World's Beefiest Blog, in an effort to be more focused in my topics. Based on some guidance from Gregg Fraley, a Creativity and Ideation Facilitator... (seriously...check out his blog. Good stuff on creativity and innovation ), I've decided to theme my blogging. Different days will have different themes. The implementation will not be complete immediately, as I work out the kinks in the themes. The themes may even change as I focus my...focus. I hope to have the themes in concrete (at least for a time) by the end of 2008, and fully in rhythm heading into the new year. I may even try to post a podcast or 2 at some point.

The general idea is to force me to ramble less, write more concisely, and also to keep on a schedule. Oh..and hey... maybe I can drum up some readers who really want their Wednesday "Disney fix" or their Friday movie industry chat.

The themes I'm currently tossing around in the ol' melon:

** Trekin' Tuesdays. Tuesdays are all about travel. Places I've been. Places I'd like to go. Comments about airports to avoid. Reviews of airports and hotels. Attractions... you get the idea.

** Wednesdays wth Walt. Clearly, there's no way I couldn't theme a day around my obsession for Disney. This can be about collecting, the parks, the movies, the Philosophy of Walt Disney...

** Thporths Thurthdayth (Hosted by Daffy Duck). Sorry... I haven't thought of a name yet, but basically Thursdays will deal with sports. Any sports go. I can easily see a podcast of Alan and I discussing the Bengal's terrible offense, or why Orlando Pace should or shouldn't have beaten out Danny Wuerffel for the Heisman.

** Friday Flick Time. I am a huge movie buff, and I can talk about them all day. Now I just need to talk about them on Fridays.

This'll be starting on Monday, so... if you have thoughts or adjustments, please let me know. It's imperfect thusfar, and that's okay. Also... I won't be posting in every theme every week. It's probably more realistic to go for 2 a week, and the weeks will alternate (though I'll still post my NFL picks during the football season.)

Week A:
-- Wednesdays with Walt
-- Friday Flick Time

Week B:
-- Trekkin Tuesdays
-- Thporths Thurthdayth (I'll work on it.)



Andrea said...

Ok. Well I love the idea of the theme blogs. However, I completely love rambling on. That's how I think, there fore that's how I relate to other writers best. For the sake of striving for ligitimacy and new readers, I completely agree with the idea of consise writting. I'm excited to see (or read I guess..) the new changes. Good Luck! Oooo yes. My one and only suggestion. Can we please have a discusion about the wonders of The Little Mermaid on Wednesday's With Walt????? Pleeeease? With a little, red, french, ranting, crab on top?

Beefy Muchacho said...

Um... Absolutely. The Little Mermaid is a good topic to start with... I'll work on that for Wednesday.

And I may still post miscellaneous things on the weekends.

Thanks for reading!