Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 3 Football Picks

Hey Folks-

So yeah... this season hasn't started well for the Muchacho. After several excruciating losses last week. (Saints and Vikings and Eagles) I went from seeming like a guy who watches football to one of those monkeys they're trying to get to recreate Hamlet.

Last week I went 8 - 8. That brings my season total to 17 - 15. Sad.

Here we go...

Kansas City @ Atlanta
PICK: 2 bad teams. Oh..and when I say “bad”, I mean really, really bad. I guess you just go with the home team. Oh yeah…and Tyler Thigpen is starting for the Chiefs. Who? Yeah. FALCONS

Oakland @ Buffalo
PICK: Man… I actually like the Bill’s pluckiness already. It pains me, because I’m not a fan of the Bills on general principle, but they’re not bad. Darren McFadden is good, but I’m not sure he is ready to have 2 huge games in a row. BILLS

Tampa Bay @ Chicago
PICK: I was glad to be right about the Bears this past week, but I was dead wrong about Tampa. I haven’t heard if Garcia is going to be back this week or not, but the Bears defense is strong. I don’t hate Orton either. He’s not “good” but he’s not Grossman either. BEARS

Houston @ Tennessee
PICK: You know, 2 weeks ago I’d have picked Houston, but Tennessee has looked good (against, granted…bad teams) and the Texans have got to be a little tired of all the damned traveling. TITANS

Carolina @ Minnesota
PICK: Jake Delhomme is born again. And also he’s having a good comeback season. (RIMSHOT!). None of that matters as the Vikings are placing their season in the not-so-ambidextrous hands of Gustopher Alvin Frerotte. Good luck with THAT. PANTHERS.

Miami @ New England
PICK: The longer teams go into the season without taking advantage of Matt Cassell’s inexperience, the worse they’re going to feel. Don’t give Big Bill a chance to scheme. PATS

Cincinnati @ New York Giants
PICK: I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I’d prefer to have a Manning at QB over Carson Palmer, but as I was saying to Alan…I think CP is heading down the rabbit hole, and that’s a long way from where you wanna be. GIANTS

Arizona @ Washington
PICK: Every year the Redskins are my worst team, predictions-wise. So… I’m bring back the ol’ “Redskins Coin Flip”. Actually.. no. I’m not. I’m picking the SKINS.

Detroit @ San Francisco
PICK: Yikes. I guess I’ll pick the Lions here, since the Niners are frightening. I love how the Lions briefly made this great comeback last week, and then just absolutely fell apart. Where’s your god now, Kitna? WHERE IS HE NOW? LIONS

St. Louis @ Seattle
PICK: I’ve been hearing nothing but how the Rams are the worst team in football this year. Usually the worst team doesn’t pull it together for a close win this early in the season, so… SEAHAWKS

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia
PICK: This may be the best game of the weekend. I really like the Eagles this year (as a team..not as in… I root for them) and the Steelers are predictably solid…again. The Eagles have the dreaded “Short week” and they also had a really intense loss on Monday, so I’m picking the Steelers, as much as I hate them. STEELERS

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis
PICK: I don’t know what to make of this game. As a Colt hater, the season was looking delightful up until the last minute of last week. Now… I don’t know what to think anymore. Stupid Peyton Manning. I hate him. Factor that in with the fact that the Jags seem to be having trouble putting it together, and I’m going COLTS at home.

Cleveland @ Baltimore
PICK: I have nothing to say about my 2 most hated teams. RAVENS

Dallas @ Green Bay
PICK: Now this? An interesting match-up. Aaron Rogers is doing his best to make Packer management look like geniuses for casting aside the Hall of Famer Who Shall Not Be Named. Tony Romo continues to prove me wrong about him being overrated. I still think he struggles in the big pressure games, but my argument grows more and more feeble. COWBOYS

New York Jets @ San Diego
PICK: I predict a Cromartie touchdown in this game. Sorry HOFWSNBN. The poor Chargers need to catch a break. I think they will this week, though LT is hurt, apparently. I just think he’s a baby. A little. I still like him. CHARGERS

New Orleans @ Denver
PICK: Wow.. my new favorite team totally blew it last week, and is really missing Marques Cholston. Denver, also, is very good. Eddie Royal? Seriously? Awesome. Sadly, I’m going BRONCOS

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Andrea said...

Well my friend. Yet another thing we have in common. I fucking hate the Cleveland Browns. Hate. I lived in Cleveland for a semester and wore Steelers shwag just to piss them all off. (Trust me. I received death threats from strangers accross the street.) The guy I was dateing at the time was a Browns fan, I a Steelers, (QB Big Ben is from my hometown and my mother is a lifelong Steelers fan) needless to say twice in that season the football debate esciallated to a breakup. HA! Annnnd that's why it's over. THE BROWNS BLOW!