Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 2 Football Picks

Hey Folks-

Welcome to my NFL Picks: Week Two (Electric Buga... What? It's a tired joke? Oh... )

So last week, I was a weak 9 and 7. That places my season record firmly at um... 9 and 7

Don't have much to say by way of a preface, so let's get to it...

Tennessee @ Cincinnati
PICK: Well... The Bengals are truly putrid. I mean.. really effing bad. The O-Line is offensive. (har har). The D-Line is weak. The pass offense seems totally out of sorts. There's nothing good I can say about them. The Titans, on the other hand, beat a pretty solid Jaguars team. Of course... Vince Young has gone, literally, insane. So he's out for the week, and the Testaverdian Aged Kerry Collins is in. This bodes OKAY for the Bengals D, sadly...the Bengals D can't continue to be the only side of the ball scoring points. TITANS

Green Bay @ Detroit
PICK: Nice to see Aaron Rogers have a good week. Nice to see that God still cares just as much about Jon Kitna as I've always suspected. Nice to see that the Bengals Model of Management has stayed true to it's pattern... Bad GM=Bad Team. Sorry Millen. Sorry Detroit. PACKERS

Oakland @ Kansas City
PICK: Wow...I have truly no idea who to pick. Both teams are really, really bad. I think the Raiders, in a vacuum are better, but it's not so disparate a match-up that I ignore the home field advantage. CHIEFS.

New York Giants @ St. Louis
PICK: The Rams are not so good. The Giants ARE good, even with the injuries on defense. Based on related logic as the previous match-up, this one IS disparate enough that I ignore home field. (Were I a betting man, I'd for sure take the Rams, because I think they'll cover, but not win.) GIANTS

Indianapolis @ Minnesota
PICK: Not sure what to do here. I may have been happier about the Colts loss on Sunday than I was about the Bengals win. Harrison is getting old. The Colts run D isn't great. The Vikings are at home, and their strength is the run. VIKINGS

Chicago @ Carolina
PICK: Man... some interesting games this week. I really think both teams played well and beat good teams last week. I think this week, though, the lack of Steve Smith makes a bigger difference against the defensively stout Bears. That combined with the birth of a new "Game Manager" in Orton, and I'll go with the PANTHERS. (Fooled you didn't I? Sometimes a game goes a certain way no matter what factors are at play.)

Buffalo @ Jacksonville
PICK: You have to believe that the Jags will rebound after their sad showing last week. I'm a huge Lee Evans fan, and I think the Bills are on the verge of being decent, but I just think that the Jags will be too much at home, with the added motivation of the previous week's loss. JAGUARS

San Francisco @ Seattle
PICK: J.T. O'Sullivan is the 49ers QB. That is all. SEAHAWKS

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay
PICK: So... a week ago I call this one laughable. You NEVER pick the Falcons on the road. You bet on Jeff Garcia. Then... The Falcons ran all over the Lions like Michael Turner was "Video Bo". The Bucs played well, but now Garcia is out and Brian Griese is in. Don't get me wrong... I've always felt BG got a bum deal in Denver, but I'm gonna go with the FALCONS

New England @ New York Jets
PICK: I really have no idea what to do here. A week ago, this is another laugher. The Jets are okay, maybe a little above average with Lazarus Favre. The Pats were....The Pats. Then Brady's knee explodes into a million pieces right there on the field (like the dude in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"). I... Can't believe I'm saying this, but... JETS (Not to say that Cassell won't eventually pull it together, just not this fast.)

Miami @ Arizona
PICK: The Cardinals were the hot team to pick last year, and I fell for it. I'm... more skeptical this year, but I do think they win this game. CARDINALS

San Diego @ Denver
PICK: This has the potential to be the best game of the weekend. The Chargers are certain to be looking for a big rebound after blowing it last week. The Broncos, though, I think are the real deal, despite the shitty competition last week. BRONCOS

Baltimore @ Houston
PICK: Well.. Joe Flacco is apparently the second coming of Jesus himself if the game against the Bengals is anything to go on... It isn't. Mario Williams records at least 1 sack and at least 1 forced fumble. Oh... this is weird though... The game was postponed to Monday night to accommodate Hurricane Ike. TEXANS

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
PICK: Gotta say... I think I'm gonna agree with Alan (Elijah Price in Blog form) about the Browns...Maybe not so scary after all. STEELERS

Philadelphia @ Dallas
PICK: This is the other option for Game of the Week, in my opinion. Did anyone look better than McNabb last weekend? I'll answer for you... No. The Cowboys are so, so solid on offense, but I don't think their defense can stop the I'm gonna pick the Monday Night Upset and go EAGLES.

New Orleans @ Washington
PICK: Everyone take a moment to welcome the Saints into the pimp Pick Spot on my blog for the remainder of the season. I've adopted them as my favorite team so that I don't have to suffer with the Bengals any more. In any case, Drew Brees is my favorite NFL player (along with Devin Hester). I think the Chargers guaranteed they'd never win the Super Bowl during the L.T. era by getting rid of Brees. The Saints being good and the Skins being bad makes this one easy. SAINTS

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