Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Disney Villains Tournament

Hey Folks-

So, I made a bold statement in my "Wednesdays with Walt" column stating that Captain Hook is the greatest of Disney villains. I stand by that comment, and on October 1st, in the next "Wednesdays with Walt", I'll make my argument.

Still, I thought it'd be fun to see what you all thought, so I'm gonna do this tournament style, and see who comes out on top. I've divided the villains into different categories. The winners of each bracket will face off in a final four, and then the overall winner will be chosen.

Here we go:

Best Pixar Villain
Randall, Monsters Inc.
Hopper, A Bug's Life
Syndrome, The Incredibles
Skinner, Ratatouille free polls

Best Hand-Drawn Villain, Male Division
Jafar, Aladdin
Captain Hook, Peter Pan
Stromboli, Pinnochio
Gaston, Beauty and the Beast free polls
Best Hand-Drawn Villain, Female Division
Cruella, 101 Dalmations
Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty
Ursula, The Little Mermaid
The Queen, Snow White free polls

Best Hand-Drawn Villain, Animal Division
Scar, The Lion King
Shere Khan, The Jungle Book
Si and Am, Lady and the Tramp
Prince John, Robin Hood free polls

Go to Town!

** Villains image shown above by Robert de Michiell

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