Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uh Oh... I made someone mad. 19 Points...

It seems that my last post made someone an itty bit mad. So... I've decided to break from my normal format for one entry.

I am a proponent of free speech, and I absolutely welcome differing opinions. That said, I started blogging 6 years ago to debate one particular crazy person, and I know that this kind of thing can go on forever. So... This will be my one-and-only full-on response to a comment of this kind on this blog...

If ever you want to break me down, point by point, I welcome it, but please consider that other readers are here to be entertained too, and this kind of back and forth is tiresome for most casual blog readers. I'm not against, or afraid of, debate, but since that's not the purpose of this particular blog I need have the debate without driving others away. I mean... I have so few readers as it is. So, after this response, I'll keep my debates for the comments section.

Anyway... It appears that I hit a nerve... Delightful. Let's do this...

–- (His Comments)

-- My Comments
-- My Original Blog Content

Hey, Dumbass...Some of us actually read both of his "books" before we voted.

1) Congratulations on being literate! Well done. What does his book “Dreams from My Father” have to do with anything? (for those of you who have not read it, it's a memoir of his life up until the time he entered law school.)

2) I applaud you for inferring... oh so many things... but to first assume I didn't read his books prior to voting, and to secondarily assume that reading his books would dissuade me from voting for him are... well... just bad assumptions. I read both of his books. I voted for him anyway.

We actually looked at his very slim record and decided that we did not want his brand of socialism.

3) “We”? Oh wait... you're talking about the hoards and hoards of people who voted AGAINST Obama. Right? Because anyone who disapproved of Obama's “slim” record would have never voted FOR John McCain and Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin whose own service record makes Obama look like Strom Thurmond's. That only leaves the vote against, right? Like... “I don't like either of these unqualified fools, but this one guy is black, and that I cannot abide...”. Did I get that right?

4) I mean... I know what you're saying. Having universal health care would definitely be a Marxist's dream come true (and the obvious decline of democracy and capitalism)... because that's where you're getting the socialist thing, right?

We didn't just look at the color of his skin like all of you racists.

5) So... I'm a racist? Based on? Oh wait... I get it. You're trying to say that because I acknowledge the man is black makes me a racist. And I voted for him because of it? Because... I hate my own race or something? I don't get it.

each were bigger than the Black Monday collapse of 1929. Then on October 3... blame those people who voted for McCain. Goodness no.

You have so many misguided thoughts and emotions going on there, typical leftist.

6) Not to get all “fact-y” or anything on you, since you seem to be set on throwing out random “insults” and ad hominem attacks, but The Dow Jones industrial average fell over 1,874 points, or 18%, in its worst weekly decline ever on both a point and percentage basis. That is not my “typical leftist opinion”. That is what we silly folks in the real world call “facts”.

I know the war isn't Obama's fault. I mean shit...he was in the fucking Illinois STATE Senate when we got involved, but it's amazing.... If you're against the war, .... Hi Reverend Haggard!! Hi Bill O'Reilly!! Hi Larry Craig!!")

Hi Bwarney Fwank! Your hero.

7) Interesting that you bring up Barney Frank to poke holes in MY point. You're equating doing meth with a male prostitute while vocally preaching homophobia and fundamentalism (Haggard) or attempting to engage in illicit, anonymous gay sex in an airport restroom (Craig), to being an openly gay, unashamed congressman (Frank)? One of these things is not like the others.... This comment is so helpful in proving my point. Oh...and are you implying that I'm gay because I might like Barney Frank. I hope so.

Yeah, I can tell your not political, you vapid dipshit.

8) You make a strong and valid point. Well done.

My point is that these fuckers are so obviously racist, it makes me sad.

You are the RACIST, voting for a candidate based solely on the color of his skin...or did you also admire the way he reads the teleprompter???

9) Why did I vote for John Kerry? Because his wife was rich! Why did I vote for Gore? Because he believes in that crazy myth of Global Warming! Am I an Earth-ist? Am I a Ketchup-ist? Maybe I voted for them because I couldn't stomach the alternatives. Maybe I voted for them because I couldn't take anyone with the last name “Bush” seriously. (OBJECTION! RHETORIC!)

Although... speaking of which, I do like my leaders to be able to speak in public without chuckling and tee-heeing like they just heard the BEST boner joke.


10) Yep. Got me. I probably have a poster of Lenin in my bedroom too, right?

These idiots, who are against a national health care system even though half of them can't afford heathcare themselves, who say it's un-American to repeal "Don't ask don't tell" yet can't be axed to provide a single reason why being gay matters while you're shooting a gun...

You are stupid, did that dude Rachel Maddow tell you what to think about that? He is awesome.

11) I wouldn't know what Rachel Maddow has to say about much of anything, but if he agrees with me, he does sound awesome. Rachel is a weird name for a dude. Anyway.. I do what I can to listen more to people who disagree with me. I don't require some random radio or TV personality's affirmation to reinforce my own opinions.

But sure.. Let's post some fucking bumper stickers.

Hey while we're at it.. lets vote in a whole new congress based on \making body in one swoop.

(crying little bitch)

12) Because I wish people had the ability to look at long-term outcomes of their short-term decisions? You're right. I am a crying little bitch. I think it's sad that our government is so splintered at it's core that no policy, good or bad, has much chance of becoming more than an idea. It goes both ways, my friend. Mr. Bush didn't have much success getting things done either. That's sort of what I'm saying.

It's the biggest flaw in what sure seems to be a broken system. There's no chance at continuity.

You are smarter than the founders? Yeah?

13) Well... No. I believe that our government is the greatest in the world. The founders of our country had the forethought to write a constitution that possesses elasticity. It's the greatest trait of a great founding document. That said, I also believe that our current government is far more bi-partisan than they ever imagined it would be. The three branch system is one of the greatest ideas in all of democracy, but we don't have just 3 branches. We have more like... 5. The Supreme Court is made up of 2 parties, Congress is made up of 2 parties. The idea is to have these branches act as a single vote, but they can't even get their own shit together.

You're implying by your comment that the “founders” would look at today's government, or really more to your point, the government of George Bush and be pleased. Me? I'm not so sure.

Maybe one day, long ago, the American public as a whole was more shielded from the process and the folks elected to lead could lead. Now, there's such a divide, and there are so many loud voices convincing people of whatever is in the interests of the actors spouting whatever makes them rich, that we end up with so much turnover nothing can ever truly be accomplished. We live in a country of perpetual agitation.


14) I'm just wondering if, back in the days of Eisenhower or Truman, the government had more opportunity to you know... govern. Without all of the static and agenda pushing that permeates our airwaves on a daily basis. That's all... because as it is now, the overturn in our government doesn't allow any sort of forward momentum. Thus “perpetual agitation”... you know... like a washing machine.

Is it worse if Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly believe what they say or don't?

What do they actually say that makes you wet your pants so much? No, not the stuff Keith O. tells you about...the stuff you actually heard with your own ears and processed with your own brain and actually did your own research. You know, "thinking".

15) It's not so much that I'm afraid of Glenn Beck or Rush or Bill O'Reilly. I think it's fairly likely that they don't believe what they're saying, and are simply getting rich off of the millions and millions of less discerning listeners who buy into what they're saying completely. I believe they are actors who are taking advantage of the less educated. What I AM afraid of, though, is that these people who listen aren't listening for entertainment.

...he's black?

No, i hate his policies, based on what he has stated. I, like most people (besides you) have no issue with his skin color.

16) Let's set aside your repeated assertion that I have an issue with his skin color (despite your opposing assertion that I voted for him strictly because of it). You've hit on one of my favorites. The notion that nobody cares that he's black aside from us crazy liberals. It must be my imagination that white people and republicans disapprove of the job he's doing whereas democrats and minorities approve?

Now... I realize this takes a leap of logic that you may not be capable of, but there are only a couple of conclusions that can be drawn. 1) The approval ratings go beyond actual job performance, and possibly stray into the realm of bi-partisanship for bi-partisanship's sake as well as the stickier realm of “white people don't like Obama as much as Black people.” or 2) That only white republicans know what the hell they're talking about. You wouldn't wanna assert that, would you?

How shallow are we the people that money and race are the only determiners of a leader's worth?

Project much????

17) Let's just say that I do tie worth to money and race. (I don't, but for the hell of it..) That would simply lump me into the same enormous group I'm talking about above. There are millions and millions of people who voted strictly based on how their wallets would be affected. Like it or not, there are many people who voted (one way or another) based on race. As for myself... I can't see myself voting for Sarah Palin under any circumstance. If that makes led by race or my pocketbook, guilty as charged.

So, you hate Sarah, because she wouldn't murder her baby too, eh? Or do you hate her because Jon Stewart (Abramowitz)told you to?

18) You're missing my point. I brought up Sarah Palin because among her other insanities, she had a website that literally put a cross-hairs target on the face of the congresswoman who was shot in Arizona, and I question the wisdom of tying that particular visual to her point. (She was pointing out the important elections and which Democrat candidates had to be “targeted” for being voted out. Of course, put that imagery in front of a lunatic with a gun.

I have no idea what place abortion or pro-life vs. pro-choice has anything to do with my blog entry, but I have to hand it to you. You're working really hard to muddy the point.

Now... as for Jon Stewart. I don't watch The Daily Show, but I will say that if you're planning on outing someone else as a racist, you may want to stay away from the willy-nilly “Jewish name inventing”. Stewart's real last name is Leibowitz. I know that there are a couple of similar letters, but in this case, I'm pretty sure only one of us is coming across as an anti-Semite.

That whole thing is beyond fucked up. I could write a whole post about it, but you know... I won't. I'll be back to obsessing over sports and Disney and movies tomorrow. I'll just leave you with the words of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik who probably will be criticized for them. Oh wait... he already has been. I'm shocked.

"When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government. The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous."

You have no vitriol here, huh? Typical leftist, brainless and projecting their own hate onto others. So sad, you are full of so much hate.

19) No, you're right. My blog is not free from vitriol. But it's also my blog. It's not my “Nationally syndicated radio show” and not my “New York Times Bestseller”. I have no power. I have no readership to speak of. The danger isn't in one, essentially anonymous blogger's opinion. The danger comes when people like those pundits, I talked about earlier, say dangerous and unsupported things on their radio shows and television interviews and because notoriety equals authority in our world, people listen. They don't question. They just nod and obey.


Bridget said...

I take offense to the following comment: "I have no readership to speak of."

Other than that, kudos.

mary said...

You are awesome and DO have a readership. Carry on!!

iminozz said...

If it makes you feel any better I once when on a date with a guy who actually talked to me the same as your 'hater'-he said if only he could change my stupid views then I would be perfect for him..lol. I seem to attract this type.

What happened to respecting others views?? Truly if I don't agree with someones views I don't stoop to name calling. Who was it who said "seek to understand not to judge".

Beefy Muchacho said...

I think one of the sadder things about this whole movement is that it doesn't leave room for "different". How boring life would be if everyone agreed all the time.

And I am pretty sure that you're thinking of Kierkegard, who said something like "Seek to understand before seeking to be understood." or something... But I like yours better. There's less of an agenda.

Thanks for reading everyone. It makes me feel good that I didn't just shout into the wind for the sake of my own carpal tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Bravo Muchacho!!
~Northwest Exposed

djphob said...

Dan, Dan, DAN! Do NOT feed the trolls! :D

Meghan Edge said...

I'm with Elizabeth on troll-feeding, lol! (Haven't heard that term in a while. Maybe if you were a billy goat this would have gone differently)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your reply, though. Nice. ^_^