Saturday, January 10, 2009

Football is Still Happening

Hey folks-

So first... How's about a hand for the Florida Gators. My first favorite football team won another National title, though to be fair to Utah... kind of an uncontested title. Still, it's totally awesome.

Secondably... I expect to have a post coming up regarding my audition for "Blue Ash Idol" tomorrow afternoon. It's sort of a local version of "American Idol". It should at least be interesting, and something to write about. Stage parents will be there, and that is always the makings of a good story.

Third... My NFL Picks last week were so, sooo bad. 1 for 4. Blech. I think I'm getting a little burned out, to be honest with you..

Here are my winners for this weekend:

Next week will be light on the posts, but I'll have a good one late in the week, discussing my foray into California for the first time. Should be interesting.

Also, I joined a Writing group, and this week our theme for writing is "Fire". I'm thinking on that.

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