Thursday, August 7, 2008

Further Trivialities

Hey Folks...

Nothing much to report for the last few days, but I do have a couple of quick we go.

-- Briana and I are getting our tattoos later today. I'm a little nervous. Why? I'm not gonna front... Tattoos HURT. They hurt like a mother fucker. It's never stopped me before, though, so it's gonna happen. I'm gonna get some pictures posted tonight, I hope.

-- I've noticed how much more I want to go on vacation now that I've JUST been on vacation. It's very similar to falling off the "diet wagon". It's really not hard to stick to a diet as long as you don't slip. That sounds obvious, but hear me.... Will-power is an interesting beast. When you start a diet, it's's's really not that hard for the first week or so, and then if you get through the first week, there's often a pretty good period where you can coast. The biggest thing is... you can not cheat AT ALL. Every time you cheat the resolve to NOT cheat weakens. Trust me on this. Vacation is the same way. Sure.. before I went to Vegas, I was really excited to go and all that, but now that I've just been on vacation, all I think about is where and when I can go next.

-- I have an audition this Saturday for 1776. I'm singing "Old Red Hills of Home" from Parade, and I'm using a monologue by Craig Wright from The Pavilion. I'd really like it to go well, though I admit that I feel pretty much at peace with my plan to only accept 2 roles. If I don't get one of those, I'm fine with doing something else. Cross your fingers for me.

-- I have been thinking that I should e-mail Brett Favre's agent and offer my company's private jet charter services. The guy flies CONSTANTLY. I've been trying to get a good look at the planes he's been getting on and off, but I'm having a tough time getting a good view. It'd be helpful to know if he's a Hawker guy or a Citation guy.

Thats all. I keep thinking there was something I really wanted to talk about on here, but I can never remember what it was. I have to learn a monologue.


Samantha said...

You know Dan, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I never know what I'm about to read about. What's up kid, I miss ya! Call me sometime, stranger.

Beefy Muchacho said...

Sammie...It's nice to be appreciated. Call I shall.