Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ongoing Olympic Coverage

Hey Folks...

I mentioned this with the Phelps post, but just thought you should know... I fucking LOVE the Olympics.

A quick thought for this afternoon...

Men's Gymnastics kinda rocks. There's something impressive about the way those dudes fling themselves around.

Specifically there are 2 events that are like... I don't care how long I practice, I could NEVER do that. The rings and the high bar.

The rings... I mean what kind of cruel bastard comes up with this. I am not certain that I could hold myself just hanging from the rings at all...these guys are flipping around, twisting and then hoisting themselves into strange contortions that look so effing painful that I want to cry just looking at them. Still...there's few images in sports that are as striking as a well executed Iron Cross.

The high bar.... are these guys INSANE? They're swinging around and tossing themselves up in the air and flipping and twisting and all that nonsense, and the craziest thing are those "release elements". I don't know how to even describe it exactly. It's just that they are swinging around and suddenly they shoot up in the air and do something crazy, and then they have to somehow have the presence of mind to grab the bar again or... plummet to their deaths? I dunno. They rarely miss.

Watch that shit.

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