Friday, August 8, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Hey Folks...

Tattoo thoughts....

1) My sister is a total badass. That tattoo is huge, and on her ribs (a notoriously painful location) and she handled it like a champ.

2) I am so fucking happy with my tattoo it is ridiculous.

3) My leg is gonna be sooooore.

4) I love the little touch that Jake (The coolest tattoo artist I know) added by making her koi's eye the color blue (the color of my koi) and my koi's eye the color pink (the color of her koi). It provides that further connection between the two. The guy is awesome. Go to him. I'll give you his number.

So without further ado... Briana and Dan's Matching Tattoos. (Pictures taken with my cell phone....please excuse the quality. And my pasty leg.)

Yes... Those are bubbles on my leg. Cute little watery bubbles.

How's that for badassery? I can't decide if I think hers is cooler or mine, but I know that it's a close contest either way, and neither of us lose.

Happy Birthday Briana.

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