Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obligatory Politics

Hey Folks-

I feel, generally, that it's important for me to keep super divisive opinions out of this particular blog. That said...

Today I'm proud to be an American for one of the first times since the Clinton administration. Yes... I had an overwhelming sense of patriotism around 9/11. Yes... I had my "Support the Troops" magnet on my car for several years, and still would if I still had that car. Yes...that's a simple gesture that really doesn't SAY anything.

Today I feel that surge of "love of country" again. Why? For the first time in my eight bleak years I feel like something important happened politically that may actually show there's hope for a turn-around. I was emotional watching the "roll call" of delegates from each state. I was emotional when I saw a woman openly weeping for joy on national television, calling today "Christmas". I was emotional when I listened to John Lewis ( that link), a congressman from Georgia, who marched with Martin Luther King. The man said something that struck me more than anything any politician has ever said. His exact words are important enough that I found a transcript....

"Well, I’ve been knowing the Clintons for a long time. President Clinton has been like a brother. And I’ve known Hillary Clinton has been my friend for many, many years. And they’re still friends of mine. And I supported them in the very beginning. And along the way, I saw something happened. I had what we call an executive session with myself. And I said what Barack Obama is doing is akin to the movement of what we were fighting for, struggling for. And I said to myself I want to be on the right side of history. And I made the decision to change and commit to Barack Obama . "

The man realized that he wanted to be on the "right side of history". Coming from a man who has such a sense of history, that means something important.

So yeah... I'm pumped about the official nomination of Barack Obama. I don't know if he'll win, but I know that it says nothing but good things about our country that the Democratic party's candidate for president came down to a choice between a woman and an African-American. I know also, that his ability to stir people, to inspire them is a gift that I've so rarely seen in politics that I want to get up and act for the betterment of the world. The only other person that inspired me was Bill Clinton. (I'm about to watch Clinton's speech from tonight. I DVR'd it.) That dude is still a rock-star. Still the greatest speaker I've ever seen. Still the most charismatic. That said, I think Obama can surpass him.

(Clinton has just had a 5 minute insane ovation. Awesome)

I think Obama will. I'm finally feeling like a turn-around is possible, and that's why today means something to me.

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Dre said...

Regards to #8: I was actually commenting that competitiveness ran in our family blood. No animal blood involved. But now that you metion it, I'm considering painting my little sister a Braveheart face out of lamb's blood for the final Showmanship Event. Sure to win with that one!
I'm also looking forward to my infinite money blog, I just keep jumping on here with only 10 min and I want to put the full hour of effort needed to successfully enter the world of bank accout fantasies.
P.S. I will not share my political veiws, however I will say that your blog was rather moving and I'm glad that there are people out there with such interest and conviction!