Monday, October 12, 2009

6 Days & 7 Blogs

In my "6 Days to Disney" blog coming up later today I've been forced to make a very tough decision.

You see... I've got 6 more Disney Blogs to write, and I have 7 topics. Not only that, but I've sort of painted myself into a corner, because I've built up this "Top 5" thing and now I've got 7 more things I want to discuss and 6 more days. I'm a little crazy, apparently, because I'm going to feel genuinely sorry about leaving out the 7th thing. So I've come to a decision... I'm going to blog about all 7, and they're not going to be ordered.

Looking back, I've already written about a bunch of things that I could have placed in my top 5. It was just asking too much of myself to take all of the thousands of things I love, or have loved about Walt Disney World, the non-person thing I've loved most in my life, and take them and actually rank them in some sort of un-scientific way.

Now... I think that, given a set of Disney things, I could actually rank them in order (if also given categories), but I didn't do that... Too late for that. So anyway, I'm going to give you my Final 7 items.

The Haunted Mansion
Pirates of the Caribbean
Hidden Mickeys
Pin Trading
Kilimanjaro Safari
Journey into the Imagination

My god... A daunting list. Exactly why I've decided to go this route. How can I possibly pare down such a group? I can't. You're looking at perhaps the heart and soul of the Disney Experience for me.

So anyway... 2 more for tomorrow, and then one more a day through Sunday to complete my quest....and then...on to Disney World. final thing... I went to the Ohio Renaissance Faire yesterday and had me a Giant-ass Turkey Leg. I did this only for the purposes of a post following the trip wherein I compare and contrast the Turkey of Renaissance-era Ohio and that of Walt Disney World, circa 2009. Here's a sneak peak:

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